HVAC Controller Progress

I got boards back from BatchPCB and have almost fully populated one. Digikey sent me the wrong resisitors, so I have to see if I can get the right ones. Take a look:

There are a couple of problems with the layout that I need to fix in the next revision, but I should be able to get going. Now on to programming the darn thing!


~ by lwalkera on September 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “HVAC Controller Progress”

  1. Was your car not equipped with dual zone climate control? Also, are you reinventing the wheel with this or just cutting out the fat on the huge original circuit board?

    • Yeah, my car is only single zone. A bit of both on the second point. I based this on the circuit from the stock display unit. I plan on doing a separate board for the buttons.

      • I’m no EE, but I want to follow closely in your footsteps here. So, if I understand this correctly, you are taking only the necessary chips and resistors off the original board, or installing entirely new ones? How do you know what each does? Is there any way you can direct me to this information? I just want to trim this thing down enough to fit it inside a nice, little project box tucked beside the carPC I plan to nestle behind the dash where the stereo headunit once lived.

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