Silencing of the Wii’s

So I went out and got the new Super Mario Galaxy 2 game the other day at Fry’s. I hadn’t hooked up my Wii in quite some some and I had to dig out my video capture card and audio cables to hook the Wii up to my computer. When I go to play the game, I’m greeted with an awful cracking caused by the clipping of the Wii’s audio as the System Menu plays its little intro sound. Somehow I had gotten it to play nice with my computer before, but it’s been so long, I’d forgotten. Having some spare time on my hands, I’d figure I’d fix the problem once and for all.

So I crack open my Wii, and get down to the motherboard. On the back, by the AV connector, I use my multimeter to find which pin corresponds to the audio outputs. I trace the wires back, and am pleasantly surprised by a nice couple of 0402 pads to ground (C107 & C106) right next to two series resistors (R64 & R63). Two words instantly popped into my head: Voltage Divider!

I measured the two series resistors to be 1k ohm. I happened to have a broken cable modem with 0402 parts laying around, so I scavenged a pair of 10k ohm resistors from it. I moved the 1k resistor to the corresponding pad that connects to ground, and installed the 10k resistors into the series position where the 1k’s had been. This should give me ~1/11 the voltage I had previously, assuming my sound doesn’t draw too much current from the Wii’s audio lines.

Wii motherboard after modding the audio output

Wii motherboard after modding the audio output

So I put the heat sinks back on, and hook up the DVD drive, and low and behold: no more crackling! Yay!

For the tldr folks, the steps to quiet your Wii are:

  1. Disassemble your Wii and remove the motherboard
  2. Remove and keep the two 1k resistors R63 & R64
  3. Resolder the 1k resistors to the pads for C106 & C107
  4. Get some 10k resistors, and solder them onto the R63 & R64 pads
  5. Put the heatsinks back on, plug in the DVD drive, and see if the Wii still works
  6. Reassemble fully if working and enjoy!

Note that I take no responsibility for what you do to your Wii. This will void your warranty!


~ by lwalkera on June 1, 2010.

One Response to “Silencing of the Wii’s”

  1. What happened to my Wii if you find that both R63 and R64 along with C94 and C95 are fried? I also see 1 capacitor near C117 on the other side thats fried too. What are the values of those components. Thanks, Rob

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